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Kinglake Black Saturday Bushfires

The CTIF Fire Investigations Group

The CTIF Fire Investigation Group´s goals are to further cooperation between fire investigation experts, to share and exchange results of fire investigation at an international level and to achieve benefits for professional services and experts.

The first official meeting of the new CTIF Fire Investigations Group was held in Budapest, Hungary on May 31 - June 2nd 2017.

At our first meeting we discussed two important items.

One of them was the education system of fire investigation experts (requirement for basic level and further trainings).

Our second important topic on the agenda was Equipment and Methods used for fire investigations.

The working language for this group is English.

14 Member Nations are currently part of the Fire Investigations Group.

It is the group´s intention to reach out to all CTIF Member Nations to invite them all the participate. The goal is for a every CTIF Member Country to have at least one delegate in the Fire Investigations Group.