Helicopter dropping water on a forest fire

Forest Fires

     The CTIF Commission for Forest Fires deals with the following topics:      


  • Lessons learned, exchange of experience: with emphasis on practical exchange and passing information to fire-fighting organizations and fire-fighters
  • Standardization of tactiques, equipment, procedures in wildland fires
  • Organization and participation on conferences (international, exchange experiences and knowledge with other actors)
  • Simulation and ICT, new technologies (robots, drones, cameras, command and coordination centers, aerial means, GPS, GIS....)
  • Education and training (best practice, school, college)
  • Promotion and public relations (sensibilization of citizens)
  • EU- and international projects (finding partners, ideas)
  • Experiences with UN, Global Monitoring Center...

To contact this commission, please write to the Secretary, Zisoula Ntasiou

This commission if open to new members joining. The countries currently involved are: 

France, Switzerland, Greece, Germany,  Belgium, Austria, Finland, Czech Republic, Croatia, Norway , Portugal, Bulgaria 


Jean Marc Bedogni - Chair of the CommissionJean Marc Bedogni 

Contact the chair of the Commission
Professional Fire Fighter Officer - General Director of Entente Valabre - Director of Forest Fire National Training School (ECASC Valabre, France)

What was the most critical decision you had to make as a Firefighter at a forest fire?

"As an aerial investigator, be sure of your assessment when choosing to withdraw aerial means  from one forest fire in favor of another. You never know what will be the evolution of the forest fire and if your choice is wise."

What will you remember from the years you worked in "the Firefighter

" It is often the team spirit that leads to the success."

What is the most intense emotion you have felt?

 "Feeling of fullness linked to the accomplished duty when the operation is a success"

What did you learn from your mistakes?

"Questioning with humility: this is one of the foundations of our action."

Who was your inspiration?

"All those having sent men to fight in order to save others"