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CTIF GamesEvery three to four years, 32 countries attend the Delegate ́s Assembly conference, and watch the CTIF Competitions Games, an event gathering 3500 contestants and over 10 000 fans in the audience!

The motto for the 16th International Fire Brigade Competitions and the 21st International Youth FireBrigade Gathering of the CTIF from 9 to 16 July 2017 was „Villach on Fire“.

Several interesting presentations were made, also by the Most recently acceded Member States; Iran and The Democratic Republic of Korea. The new Financial Procedures and Regulation was adopted and The Delegates decided to upgrade the Volunteer Firefighter ́s Working Group to a Commission.


In 2023, a new Fire Sports Commission was created in CTIF, which will host international Fire Competitions with a wider definition than the traditional CTIF Fire Olympics. The first meeting of the new commission was held in Prague on February 19.


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The City of Villach and the Austrian Federal Fire Brigade Association managed to create excellent conditions for the three competitions and scoring groups:

- The Traditional International Fire Brigade Competitions (150 teams)

- The International Fire Brigade Sporting Competitions (27 teams) and Euro NCAP,

- The International Competitions for Cadet

- The Corps of Fire Brigades (59 teams)


To see videos from the 2017 Games, click here


Klaus - Georg (Pilo) Franke


Member Countries:
Austria, Germany, Czech Republic, France, Hungary, Croatia, Italy, Luxemburg, Poland, Russia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Norway


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Way of Communication:
E-Mail (most)


Products of the Commission:
Competitons rules

Wettbewerbe: Vorbereitung, Organisation; Durchführung
Competitions: Preparations, Organisation and Execution

In Zusammenarbeit mit dem Inernaitonalen Wettbewerbsleiter und dem Nationalen Organisationsteam
Together with the International Competion Leader And the National Commite of organisation