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History Commission

History Commission LogoHistory of Fire Services and CTIF,  Museums and Documentation


Chair: Gerald Schimpf (Austria)

Member Nations: Austria, Belarus, Belgium, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark,  Estonia, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Russia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Switzerland, USA

Languages: This commission operates in German and English.

Starting Year: 1998

Operational Procedures: One yearly meeting in October.

Way of communication: E-mail:  Contact Gerald Schimpf

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The objectives of our Commission are:

  • Assistance in the preparation of fire service history in general and in special cases (thematic) for the members of the CTIF coordination.
  • Certification of fire service museums and fire service collections. This should be a quality feature for the respective fire service museums and at the same time make CTIF known.
  • Classification of historical fire engines. This should be a quality feature for the respective fire brigade and their vehicle and at the same time make the CTIF known.
  • Advising the fire brigades and associations in matters of fire service history and archiving.
  • Administration of the CTIF Museum in Pribyslav with local museum staff
  • Organization of an annual committee meeting


Products of the Commission:
1. Regulations for the certification of fire service museums and fire service collections
2. Regulations for the classification of historical fire engines

Delegates of the member countries:
▪ Akimova Aleksandra - Russia
▪ Barinova Yulia - Russia
▪ Berki Imre - Hungary - Chairman Deputy
▪ Casano Nicoletta - Belgium
▪ Faes Luc - Belgium
▪ Fastl Christian K. - Austria
▪ Fucarino-Kirn Gloria - Switzerland
Gąsiorczyk Paweł - Poland
▪ Janeba Lubomir - Czech Republic
▪ Jannsen John - Denmark
▪ Juncker Patrick - Luxembourg
▪ Klaedtke Bernd - Germany
▪ Koutri Alexandra-Ioanna - Greece
▪ Liponik Janez - Slovenia
▪ Lombardo Federico - Italy
▪ Löwe Carsten - Germany
▪ Martins Marco - Portugal
▪ Mitra Clemente - Portugal
▪ Muller Patrick - Luxembourg
▪ Naiden Tatiana - Russia
▪ Patek Jiri - Czech Republic
▪ Paulus Ivo - Estonia
Považan Vladimír - Slovakia
Runjić Vedran - Croatia
▪ Schmauch Jean-Francois - France
▪ Scorynina Nina - Russia
▪ Slaughter Rodney - USA
▪ Teternik Andrei - Belarus
▪ Tomat Viljem - Slovenia
▪ Van Haasteren Bianca - Netherlands

Honorary members of the CTIF and the Commission:
▪ Farrenkopf Dieter - Germany - Honorary Chairman
▪ Schinnerl Adolf- Austria - Honorary Chairman

Section for the classification of historical fire engines according to the CTIF regulations:
▪ Juncker Patrick - Luxembourg - Engine classification coordinator
Section for certification of fire service museums and fire service collections according to CTIF regulations:
▪ Currently vacant - Museum certification coordinator

International Study Group for the History of Fire Service and Fire Protection in the CTIF:
▪ Fastl Christian K. - Austria - Chairman
▪ Klaedtke Bernd - Germany - Chairman Deputy
Gąsiorczyk Paweł - Poland - Management Board
▪ Knaß-Roßmann Katrin - Austria - Management Board
▪ Van Haasteren Bianca - Netherlands - Management Board

The International Study Group is an open community that works on various topics. Anyone interested can participate. The Study Group acts on behalf of the CTIF History Commission.

A conference volume on the respective topics will be published.

Members of the History Commission

Members of the History Commission 2024 in Germany (c) Ulrich Lindert