Four firefighters walking away in the sunset

Volunteer Firefighters Commission

The CTIF Voluntary Firefighting Commission
This group photo is from the 4 th meeting of the CTIF Commission „voluntary fire service“ took place on April, 3 rd in BERLIN, Germany. Ten nations participated in the workshop based meeting.


Dr Christoph Weltecke took over as Chair of the CTIF Volunteer Firefighters Commission in March  2022.
Dr. Christoph Weltecke is Chair of the CTIF Voluntary Firefighters Commission since April 2022. 

Chairperson of the commission: Christoph WELTECKE, Germany


­Secretary of the commission: Raphael KOLLER, Austria. 

Many thanks to Hubert VETTER, former Chairperson of the commission. Hubert led the commission during many years during important work. 

About the Chair of the CTIF Volunteer Firefighter Commission: 

Dr. Christoph Weltecke was born in September 1976. He has been active in the volunteer fire brigade since he was 12 years old.

After his time in the youth fire brigade, he moved to the
operations department, in which he is still active. As district fire chief, he shares responsibility for the Waldeck-Frankenberg district.

In addition, the work of the fire brigade association is important to him. He is Vice President of the German Fire Brigade Association with more than one million members and of the State Fire Brigade Association of Hesse.

In CTIF, he has been a member of the Voluntary Fire Brigade Commission since 2017.

Dr. Christoph Weltecke is married and has a son. He studied law in Marburg an der Lahn and
works as a lawyer in Korbach in North Hesse.