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13 Aug 2018

Hundreds of injured during Spanish music festival in Vigo

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More than 200 people were injured during a music festival in Vigo, Spain, when a part of a boardwalk collapsed, reports Spanish media.

Lots of people crowded together to see the performance of a rap music artist in Vigo in Galicia when the wood construction collapsed. A number of people fell into the water.

Five people are seriously injured, writes Spanish daily newspaper El País. Over 266 people have been treated for various minor injuries and shock.

The police are now investigating the reason why the thirty-meter-long and ten-meter-wide bridge collapsed. According to local authorities, the collapse probably occurred because of overload.

Cover Photo: Twitter DiegoGagoB


Map of Spain with Galicia and the city of Vigo.

Map of Spain with Galicia and the city of Vigo.