In the photo from the left: CTIF vice president Christophe Marshal (France), CTIF Secretary Neza Strmole (Slovenia),  CTIF Vice President Luc Faes (Belgium), Lt General Matroushi, Dubai, CTiF President Milan Dubravac (Slovenia) and Roman Sykora (Austria).
03 Dec 2023

CTIF´s Executive Committee attended the COP28 Climate Change Conference in Dubai as specially invited guests


CTIF Delegation Makes Impactful Presence at COP 28 in Dubai


The CTIF Executive Committee has been attending the world’s top Climate Summit, COP28 in Dubai. CTIF was specially invited by the host and the CTIF - EC was represented by several of our vice presidents.


Dubai, UAE - The COP 28 conference in Dubai marked a significant milestone for the International Association of Fire Services (CTIF), as its delegation played a pivotal role in the global dialogue on climate change and fire safety. Headed by President Milan Dubravac, the delegation, including CTIF General Secretary Roman Sykora, Vice Presidents Christophe Marchal and Luc Faes, and Office Secretary Neza Strmole, showcased the critical role of the fire protection sector in protecting life, property, and the environment.


In the cover photo: From the left: CTIF vice president Christophe Marshal (France), CTIF Secretary Neza Strmole (Slovenia),  CTIF Vice President Luc Faes (Belgium), Lt General Matroushi, Director General of Dubai Civil Defense), CTiF President Milan Dubravac (Slovenia) and Roman Sykora (Austria). 


Photo below: Milan Dubravac, CTIF President, and Otto Drozd, CTIF vice president / Secretary of METRO Fire Chiefs. 



Joining them the CTIF delegation was  Eric Flore, Vice President of the French Firefighters Association, and Otto Drozd of the Metropolitan Fire Chiefs Association | NFPA delegation, underscoring the collaborative spirit of the event.

A highlight of the CTIF's participation was the signing of a landmark Memorandum of Understanding to establish the World Fire Emission Reduction Alliance. This pivotal alliance underscores the urgent need for global cooperation in reducing the environmental impact of fires.


Key Events at the Environmental Preparedness Conference

The conference featured influential speakers, including Lt. General Rashid Thani al Matroushi, Director General of Civil Defense in Dubai, and Lt. Colonel Dr. Ahmed al Zarouni of the Ministry of Interior. Their speeches emphasized the interconnectedness of fire safety and environmental protection. Robin Stenhouse from the United Nations Department of Safety and Security provided an international perspective, highlighting the global nature of these challenges.

Major Essa al Mutaea, Director of Monitoring & Inspection Department, captivated attendees with an eco readiness demonstration, illustrating the practical steps being taken towards environmental preparedness.


Dubai Civil Defence's Pioneering Programme

A central focus of the conference was the Dubai Civil Defence's innovative environmental readiness programme. This groundbreaking initiative features a world map detailing the carbon emissions caused by fire incidents, demonstrating the profound impact fires have on climate change, wildlife, air quality, and economies.

Mariam Almheiri, UAE Minister of Climate Change and Environment, praised the programme during her visit to the Civil Defence Readiness Room, noting its uniqueness in the region. Her insights into the SWOT analysis conducted in partnership with the Dubai Civil Defence shed light on the diverse causes of fires across continents and the strategies to mitigate them.

The Dubai Civil Defence's ambitious goal to reduce carbon emissions from fires in the emirate by 80% by 2050 aligns with the UAE's Net Zero pathway. Their approach, which involves collaboration with the world's largest firefighting organisations, serves as a model for global platforms dedicated to analyzing fire incidents and reducing their environmental impact.


Looking Ahead

The AI-powered readiness room, inaugurated by Lt-Gen Sheikh Saif bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Interior, represents a leap forward in fire safety. By using heat maps and predictive analytics, Dubai Civil Defence is setting new standards in fire prevention and environmental protection.

CTIF's participation in COP 28 in Dubai has not only highlighted the critical role of the fire protection sector in climate change mitigation but also set the stage for increased global collaboration in this vital area. With these initiatives and partnerships, there is renewed hope for a safer and more sustainable future.


Visits with local and international colleagues 

On December 3, representatives from the International Association of Fire and Rescue Services (CTIF) visited a fire station in Dubai. During this visit, they engaged in insightful exchanges with the station's fire chief. Subsequently, they attended high-level conferences at COP 28 held at the Dubai Expo.


At these conferences, the launch of an international alliance dedicated to bolstering global firefighting collaboration and efficiency was highlighted. The alliance was outlined to concentrate on three pivotal areas:

A) Sharing Knowledge and Best Practices: This segment of the alliance promotes a culture of knowledge and best practice sharing among its member entities. If a member has innovated an effective firefighting technique, it is shared within the network. This cooperative ethos is designed to elevate firefighting methodologies on a global scale.

B) Building Stronger Connections: With an understanding of the diverse firefighting capabilities across different nations, the alliance aims to forge stronger inter-country relationships. This is particularly vital for countries with limited firefighting resources or technology, where fire incidents can have devastating environmental and societal consequences. Through mutual support and the sharing of resources and knowledge, the alliance seeks to level the playing field in firefighting capabilities.

C) Developing Data-Driven Strategies: The alliance plans to harness data to dissect wildfire patterns, their causes, and their role in carbon emissions. Employing this analytical approach, the goal is to devise strategies that diminish the carbon footprint of fires. Insights into the share of carbon emissions attributable to wildfires will contribute to broader climate change mitigation efforts.

Additionally, the ‘Eco Readiness Program' was introduced. This digital tool focuses on the analysis of real-time climate data to forecast climate change impacts. This program featured a world map illustrating the carbon emissions resulting from fire accidents, highlighting their impact on climate change and air quality. It is instrumental in identifying regions at heightened risk of wildfires, thus enhancing preparedness and potentially curtailing both the frequency and severity of such incidents.
The overarching objective of this alliance and its initiatives is the enhancement of worldwide firefighting capabilities and the reduction of the environmental ramifications of fires, especially in terms of carbon emissions. It also underscores the importance of leveraging technology and data in preparing for and responding to future challenges.

In essence, the conferences at COP 28 underscored the critical need for international cooperation, knowledge sharing, and the application of technology and data analysis in advancing global firefighting endeavours and mitigating the environmental impact of fires.


 In the group photo, a meeting with the Hong Kong Fire Services Department.


New MOU signed with Directorate General Of Dubai Civil Defense

On November 1st, an MOU was signed Mou was signed between the Directorate General Of Dubai Civil Defense and CTIF. There were also other associations and countries which signed MoUs separately.

The Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) establishes the World Fire Emission Reduction Alliance between the Ministry of Interior of the United Arab Emirates and the International Association of Fire Services (CTIF). Its primary objectives are:

- Enhancing cooperation in firefighting and civil defence through knowledge and best practice sharing.

- Implementing a joint action plan focused on fire safety, education, and public safety worldwide.
- Conducting awareness forums, training programs, research, and data analysis in fire prevention and safety.

- Maintaining confidentiality of shared data and information.
Valid for three years, with provisions for amicable termination and dispute resolution.

Each party operates independently and uses its resources for mutual benefit.
Signed in Dubai on December 1st, 2023, the MoU signifies a commitment to collaborative efforts in reducing fire emissions and improving firefighting capabilities globally.


1.      Strengthening the objectives of both Parties by holding awareness forums, which will provide relevant information with the aim of reducing the effects of fires or hazards.
2.      Work collaboratively with regards to the laws and standards relevant to this memorandum of understanding to promote fire safety and First-party programs, focusing on education, and sharing best practices and research in the interest of public safety worldwide.
3.      Working collaboratively and jointly with regards to awareness conferences, training programs, certification programs for participants and others, facilitating the holding of forums as appropriate, and subjecting any joint forums, training or certification programs conducted by the parties or their participation
4.      Participation in fire research, analysis of fire data, available information on economic impact, and international comparisons as appropriate.
5.      Work collaboratively with regards to fire prevention and fire safety information that is shared with the public, at the community level.
6.      Encourage dialogue between other people of each Party to promote the exchange of information.
7.      Consulting meetings held at least once a year (if possible) between "key contacts" nominated by each of the parties to discuss current agreements and to study and review potential projects that comply with the scope of this memorandum of understanding.