Firefighter in Iran fighting a warehouse fire
07 Aug 2018

Fire destroys crystal warehouse in Fada'ian-e Islam, Iran


A large fire broke out in a warehouse, full of crystal and glass dishes, in Fada'ian-e Islam Street, on Friday morning, 3rd of August, at approximately 10:28.

This fire was so large that 13 fire stations were involved for its complete suppression.

Firefighters from 13 fire stations and 2 rescue groups were dispatched to the scene during two stages. 
At first, 6 fire stations including stations no 21, 13,83,14,90 and 79 and two rescue groups battled the fire. Flames were widely spread before fire-fighting teams could gain control.


So, during the second stage, firemen from seven other fire stations helped their colleagues for more efficient fire suppression. 

According to Vahed Kiyani, Deputy Chief of Fire Suppression, The ceiling and walls of the warehouse were destroyed and collapsed on existing products and it made the situation more difficult for firemen to access the fire center to fully extinguish the blaze.

After knocking down the main body of fire at 13:30, six groups of firemen began a process known as overhaul, to expose and extinguish any hidden fire. Three loaders were used to move and stack burned materials, helping speed up the overhaul process.

Four injured firefighters

No one from workers or passerby was injured in this incident, but four firemen suffered from smoke inhalation tackling the blaze. As EMS and emergency nursing personnel entered the scene they were treated by EMS staff on location.

One of the firemen was transported to the hospital for further treatment.

At this time, the cause and the origin of the fire are still unknown. TFD fire investigators launched an investigation into the causes of the fire instantly.


Iran firefigher at a warehouse fire