General Grégory Allione. Photo credit: FNSPF – Gwenn Besson
10 Jun 2024

CTIF supports General Grégory Allione, France, for the European parliament election



 To Whom It May Concern, 

As President of the International Association of Fire and Rescue Services (CTIF), it is my distinct honour to extend, on behalf of CTIF, our unreserved support for the candidacy of Inspector General Grégory Allione for the upcoming European Parliament elections in June. 

Inspector General Grégory Allione’s distinguished career and unwavering dedication to the fire and rescue services make him an exemplary candidate for the European Parliament. His extensive experience and accomplishments in the field are a testament to his commitment to public safety and the advancement of firefighting practices. 

During his tenure as the President of the Fédération nationale des sapeurs-pompiers de France, Inspector General Allione demonstrated exceptional leadership and vision. His efforts have significantly contributed to the enhancement of the firefighting profession in France and beyond. Currently serving as the Director of the École nationale supérieure des officiers de sapeurs-pompiers, he continues to influence and shape the next generation of fire officers with a strong emphasis on innovation, resilience, and excellence. 

Inspector General Allione’s candidacy brings forth the promise of having a seasoned and insightful advocate for the fire and rescue services within the European Parliament. His deep understanding of the challenges faced by firefighters and his proactive approach to addressing these issues will undoubtedly be an asset to the European Union. He possesses the unique ability to bridge the gap between local and European policies, ensuring that the voices and needs of firefighters are heard and addressed at the highest levels. 

His presence in the European Parliament would strengthen the ties between European fire services and their international counterparts, promoting a unified and robust approach to firefighting and disaster management. 

Having an individual of Inspector General Allione’s caliber in the European Parliament would be a tremendous benefit not only to the firefighting community but also to the broader public. His expertise in crisis management, public safety, and emergency response is unparalleled. His strategic insights and policy acumen will contribute significantly to shaping legislation that enhances the safety and security of all European citizens. www.ctif.org | contact@ctif.org 

For all these reasons, Inspector General Grégory Allione’s candidacy is an extraordinary opportunity for the European Parliament to gain a member who is profoundly dedicated to the well-being of the community and the advancement of the fire and rescue services. CTIF strongly endorses his candidacy and is confident that his contributions will be invaluable to the European Union. 

Thank you for considering this endorsement. 


Milan Dubravac President of CTIF 


Photo Credit:  (Above) General Grégory Allione.  Photo by:  FNSPF  French Federatio of Firefighters – Gwenn Besson