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07 Jun 2022

The CTIF Commission “Rescue and Fire Fighting at Airports” held hybrid meeting in Hamburg


The CTIF Commission “Rescue and Fire Fighting at Airports” held their hybrid meeting in Hamburg 17th – 19th May 2022. 




Veli-Matti Sääskilahti, Chairman Florian Monthoux (virtual)

Trond Joranger (virtual) Ørnulf Rønningen (virtual)

Ole Jakob Hansen, Board member Kim T. Olsen

Andreas Herndler Peter Tschümperlin, Board member

Manfred Sommerer, Board member Gábor Nagy

Martin Gorski Philipp Platzl (virtual)

Hans Schmid Milan Dubravac

Simo Ekman

Primož Mali Jörg Winkler

Lars Johansson (virtual) Igors Cavkins

Roland Bazan Vasileios Stefanioros (virtual)

Oscar del Campo Andreas Lochmeier

Steve Fahey Florian Funke

Sarah Wouterse


The chairman Veli-Matti Sääskilahti welcomed everybody to the meeting. There had been some technical difficulties when sending the invitation to the meeting which is unfortunate. After the impossibility of physical meetings we have of course a hybrid meeting, but most of the participants we could welcome here in Hamburg. Virtual Guests have been advised to raise their hand for a word to the Auditorium.

The President of CTIF Milan Dubravac gave a short Report of dealing with the Pandemic Situation within the CTIF and welcomed all participants. Of course, everyone was happy to be able to meet under real conditions.


Approval of minutes 2021

The Chairman asked the Participants for approval of the Minutes of meeting from the last virtual meeting held in 2021. It was accepted without any inquiry.


News from Member Countries

After two years of difficulties at all Airports around the world every Airport/country has 5 Minutes to explain changes or their actual status.

Introduction of every participant with situation-report from all airports and CAA’s during this Covid-19 time. Roundtable discussion. (Presentation attached)…..for example Switzerland)



Vasileios Stefanioros gave an overview of current situation and during the pandemic of EASA work. A working group will be set up to discuss and improve the current problematic requirements regarding RFFS. (Presentation attached)

Response Time three Minutes/Operational Objective two Minutes

Florian Monthoux presents the Swiss situation and interpretation. (Presentation attached)


Foam Evaluation “ICAO – Fluorine free Foam”

Hans Schmid presented the Swiss Airforce approach of Fluorine Free Foam.

(Presentation attached)

Foam News

Martin Gorski from Dr. Sthamer presented on the current situation of Fluorine Free Foam and talks about the process of Foam Transition.

(Presentation attached)


EASA Regulations and ICAO Recommendations on RFF Training

Kim T. Olsen presents the way of training and train the trainer regarding effective RFF training. (Presentation attached)


News from the Industry

Philipp Platzl presented news from Rosenbauer (virtual).Jörg Winkler presents news from fire blast as well as news from IFA (International Fire Academy - especially for tunnels).

Florian Funke and Sarah Wouterse from ARFF Services present their possibilities of mobile fire training and Aircraft Recovery Training.

Steve Fahey from Alpine Metaltech presents their products for live fire training

(Presentations attached).


News from CTIF

The president of CTIF Milan Dubravac and the vice president Ole J. Hansen gives a brief overview of ongoing support for Ukraine. Some countries send equipment or vehicles to substitute losses of fire engines during the war. All cooperation between Russia and CTIF has been suspended.


Task Resource Analysis

Manfred Sommerer from Vienna Int. Airport presents a task resources analysis as an example of Vienna Airport. Additional guidelines especially from UK is shown.

(Presentation attached)


Future Autonomous Taxi

Manfred Sommerer asked the auditorium if anyone had any experience with Vertiports. Vasileios Stefanioros from EASA informed us that a guideline (Prototype Technical Design Specifications for Vertiports) was developed for elevated or non-elevated “Heliports” in the cities.


Time to say Goodbye

Peter Tschümperlin from Switzerland gives a report of his participation over the years in the commission and told us that this will be his final meeting. A new Board member must be elected.

The Chairman Veli-Matti Sääskilahti thanked him for his years of service as a commission member as well as Chairman for one period.

(Presentation attached)

Election of Board and Chairman

Chairman Veli-Matti Sääskilahti resigns his function as Chairman, but is still willing to be Board member.

Board member Peter Tchümperlin from Switzerland resigns from his function.

Board member Ole J. Hansen is still willing to be Board member.

Board member Manfred Sommerer is willing to be Chairman.

Commission member Florian Monthoux is willing to be Board member.

All Functions are elected without any vote against.

The former Chairman Veli-Matti Sääskilahti handed over to the new Chairman Manfred Sommerer from Austria.

The Commission welcomed Florian Monthoux as a new Board member.

Manfred Sommerer thanked the former members for their years of service and invited all others to work within the Commission. The meeting is one task but the commission work must be done 365 days of the year. We try to recruit Member states to send delegates to the commission and to create a fertile network.

Next Meeting

Virtual Meeting in 2nd half 2022

Annual Meeting, Switzerland, IFA (expected in May 2023)