Screenshot of the presentation "Fire services approach during fires in or near solar power plants and battery banks"
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Online (Zoom) *Registered participants only
15 Nov 2021

CTIF Norway held online seminar on fires in solar power installations and lithium batteries


On Thursday morning November 18th, CTIF Norway held one of their regular national seminars for  exchange of lessons learned from incidents around Norway. This seminar (in Norwegian language only) focuses on fires involving lithium batteries and solar power plants.

*Lectures will be held in Norwegian. Stay tuned for translated articles from highlights of this seminar.

Fire Chief Jan-Olav Vagle, Larvik fire service informs about the fire at the Westpack Power Plant.  His lecture focuses on fires in recycled batteries and how more and more battery operated machinery will impact emergency crews, employees and residents living nearby recycling facilities. 

Operations Manager Hans Petter Nilsen, Bergen Fire Brigade,  informs about the onboard fire and the subsequent explosion in the battery room of the ferry Ytterøyningen. The presentation focuses on what happened during the incident what transpired in the aftermath of the incident. 

Fire Chief Rune Larsen, Moss Region's intermunicipal fire service presents challenges in relation to solar cell systems and battery banks. Do the fire service have adequate routines for these types of incidents?


This seminar series is primarily for regular members of the Norwegian CTIF, and invited guests from other Nordic countries who are comfortable listening to lectures in the Norwegian language. To enquire about registration for these seminars, please contact Ole Hansen (vice president of CTIF International and chair of the CTIF National Committee in Norway)