Screenshot of the letter head of Fire Statistics report no 29
17 Jun 2024

World Fire Statistics Report № 29 with a comprehensive analysis of fire statistics for 2022


With  Report № 29 (2024), the CFS CTIF publishes a comprehensive analysis of fire statistics for 2022 from countries and cities around the World. The report includes key findings such as the type of fire service calls, number of fires, fire victims, and firefighter fatalities for 2018 – 2022.

Statistics for 2022, a crucial resource for understanding global fire trends, contain data from 55 countries, representing 1/5 of the world population and 42 cities. The study includes the type of fire service calls, the number of fires, fire victims, and firefighters' fatalities for 2018-2022, respectively, in 57, 81, 74, and 27 countries. 

The type of fire injuries for 2018-2022 were researched in 54 countries. In addition, data was collected on fire services in 66 countries around the World. A unique table presents the distribution of fires by fire causes. Furthermore, the current report contains a particular chapter dedicated to forest fires. The report is written in three languages (English, Spanish, and German).


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As always, we value and encourage your feedback. Your hints, criticisms, and suggestions are crucial in our ongoing efforts to enhance international fire brigade statistics. We look forward to your active participation in this process. 

We would like to express our deepest gratitude to Lucía Vilariño Fiore (Directora Ejecutiva Organización de Bomberos Americanos, OBA) and Daniela Vain (Organización de Bomberos Americanos, OBA) for their invaluable support and collaboration in the preparation of Report № 29. 

Their contributions, both large and small, have been instrumental in making this report a comprehensive and insightful resource for the global fire service community. We truly appreciate their dedication and commitment to this important work.


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