Village of Sankt Augustine, Germany. Map by: Wikipedia Commons
20 Jun 2023

Two firefighters died and 11 were injured in a fire in a motorcycle shop in Germany


Two volunteer firefighters were killed near Bonn, Germany, in connection to a fire in a motorcycle shop.

More than 200 emergency personnel were on the scene to help extinguish the fire in the motorcycle store and an adjacent workshop. Eleven of the firefighters  were injured, and five of those were injured so badly they had to be taken to hospital, according to Firehouse.com.

The two firefighters, one male and one female, were from the local volunteer fire brigade which was called out to the fire in the western German village of Sankt Augustin, near Germany's former capital Bonn,  on Sunday around midday.

Their bodies were discovered during salvage work in the early hours of Monday.

According to FirefighterCloseCalls.com, one report indicates some firefighters were severely burned.

The cause of the fire, or the reason for the rapid fire development, is not yet clear, according to the German news site ZDF.de. 

Two YouTube videos cover this story:




Illustration credit: Village of Sankt Augustin, Germany. Map by: Wikipedia Commons