CTIF Firefighter´s games
29 Jan 2018

Thank you Austria! The Delegate´s Assembly 2017 and the 16th International Fire Brigade Competition in Villach was a success!


32 countries attended the Delegate ́s Assembly conference, along with watching the CTIF Competitions Games, a yearly event gathering 3500 contestants and over 10 000 fans in the audience! 

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Published by Bjorn Ulfsson, CTIF NEWS

Several interesting presentations were made, also by the Most recently acceded Member States; Iran and The Democratic Republic of Korea. The new Financial Procedures and Regulation was adopted and The Delegates decided to upgrade the Volunteer Firefighter ́s Working Group to a Commission.

The motto for the 16th International Fire Brigade Competitions and the 21st International Youth FireBrigade Gathering of the CTIF from 9 to 16 July 2017 was „Villach on Fire“.

The city of Villach and the Austrian Federal Fire Brigade Association managed to create excellent conditions for the three competitions and scoring groups:

- The Traditional International Fire Brigade Competitions (150 teams)

- The International Fire Brigade Sporting Competitions (27 teams) andEuro NCAP,

- The International Competitions for Cadet

- The Corps of Fire Brigades (59 teams)

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Villach 2017