Dampfspritze Fa. Kernreuter Baujahr 1900 der Feuerwehr Perchtoldsdorf,, Niederösterreich. Photo: Wikipedia Commons
15 Aug 2022

Exhibition of historical steam fire engines in operation planned for upcoming CTIF History Commission meeting in the Czech Republic


Dear members of the commission, dear members of the study group,

after the Interschutz fair in Hanover, Germany in June and the international CTIF competitions and the CTIF delegates' assembly in July in Celje, Slovenia, we would like to come back with an update. Preparations are currently underway for our upcoming commission meeting and conference of the working group in Přibyslav, Czech Republic.

The topic of steam engines is met with a great deal of interest and we are already looking forward to the exciting research results. Due to the widespread interest in these machines, we would like to devote a few hours to the topic in practice during the conference on Friday.

The aim is to bring some steam engines to Přibyslav to exhibit them or even show them in operation. In any case, a Kernreuther steam engine from the Vienna fire brigade from 1911 will be shown in operation. If there are also others interested to come to Přibyslav with a steam engine, please contact us.

After being postponed twice, the Interschutz fair took place in Hanover from June 20th to 25th, 2022. The CTIF was also represented with a booth, which was managed alternately by the CTIF President, the Vice Presidents, the Secretary General and also by the Chairman of the History Commission. This enabled us to advertise our commission and working group to several representatives of CTIF member countries. The Scandinavian countries in particular are again interested in sending a delegate. The media library of Interschutz offers the opportunity to watch some of the held lectures (unfortunately, no historical topics are included).

In July, the international CTIF competitions took place in Slovenia. In the course of this, the Executive Council met and the CTIF Delegates’ Assembly was held on July 20th, 2022. You will find the report by CTIF President Milan Dubravac attached. Of course, there will also be reports on the delegates' assembly on the CTIF homepage. Here, too, we were able to establish further contacts with those CTIF member countries that are not currently represented in the history commission through the participation of the chairman of the working group.

So this is our update from the CTIF family for now.

Best regards

Gerald Schimpf & Ingo Valentini

Chairman Commission & Chairman of the Study Group


Photo Credit:(Above)  Steam water pump from Kernreuter, built 1900 by the fire services of  Perchtoldsdorf, Austria. Photo: Wikipedia Commons