The President's Report during DA 2024
20 Jun 2024

Report from Delegates Assembly 2004 in Oslo


Milan Dubravac in Celje, 2.22,

Roman Sykora, General Secretary of CTIF.

Milan Dubravac, Slovenia, has been re-elected for another four year term as president of CTIF! 

Mr Dubravac was elected in 2020 at the Virtual Delegates Assembly held during the pandemic, and has since brought several new members and Memorandums of Understandings (MoUs) to CTIF.

At Delegates Assembly in Oslo, June 20th, Mr Dubravac was elected again for another term.

CTIF is looking forward to 4 more years under his leadership!

"I would like to thank all CTIF delegates at today's assembly for the trust shown and re-election as CTIF president. CTIF is a magnificent organization of firefighters from all over the world and I am honoured to lead it. In the next mandate I will continue to connect firefighting organizations and take care of the basic mission of the organization - the exchange of knowledge!", Milan Dubravac said after his re-election on Delegates Assembly in Oslo, Norway on June 20, 2024. 

In the left photo, CTIF's General Secretary Roman Sykora, Austria, declares that Quorum has been reached at Delegates Assembly. This means enough countries are present for the voting procedure to be valid. 


Photos by Terri Casella & Bjorn Ulfsson / CTIF 


After a short welcome speech by the Director of the government Department for Fire & Rescue of Norway, Johan Marius, there was a Silent Minute for Fallen Comrades around the World, to honour those injured or killed in service. 

The Minutes from DA in Vienna 2023 were approved after it was announced DA 2024 in Oslo had reached Quorum with 24 countries present physically, and 2 countries virtually.


Reports from the President, the General Secretary and the Treasurer


Then followed the President's Activity Report by Milan Dubravac, Slovenia, and after that the activity report by Roman Sykora,  our General Secretary, and the Treasurers Report. 


Marc MamerTwo candidates for new Treasurer


Marc Mamer, who has been CTIF Treasurer for 8 years, will soon step down after two full terms on December 31, 2024. 

He held his Final Financial Report today. Mr Mamer will become Honorary Member from 2025 after his long service to CTIF. 

Later during the DA meeting, a new Treasurer was elected.

There were two candidates for Treasurer:  Tom Van Esbroeck, Belgium. and Ole Hansen, Norway.  

Then followed the Report of the CTIF Auditors.

A voting procedure was held to approve the budget. None were against. 


Tain HanhihoskiActivity Reports of the Vice Presidents


Then followed the Activity Reports of the Vice Presidents. The CTIF Executive board (EC) has several vice presidents assisting the president, and also special advisors selected by the President.

First to speak was Otto Drozd, United States, who is in his first term as Vice President on the CTIF executive board. 

Second vice president to speak was Luc Faes, Belgium, also in his first term as Vice President.  

Third vice president to speak was Taina Hanhihoski, Finland, who is now a candidate for a second four year term on the EC. 

Next vice president to speak was Christophe Marchal, France. 

After that, the Activity Report held by Yvonne Näsman, Sweden, who is doing her third year as vice president in the EC. 

Then, the Activity Report  Martin Nekula, Czech Republic, who was elected Vice President in 2023.

The last Activity Report by the vice presidents was held by Nedeljko Vukalović, Croatia.  


The Delegation from Singapur at DA 2024. Singapore new member nation of CTIF


Singapore was voted in as new Ordinary Member, and 6 new Associate business members were also voted in by the Delegates Assembly.   

The six million city state of Singapore joins with a special interest in the work of the CTIF Fire Statistics Group, and will corrdinate the collection of fire statistics data in Asia. 

In the photo, CTIF President Milan Dubravac welcoming the Singapur delegates Er. Teong How Hwa and LTC Yap Tzyy Kaee from SCDF. 



Elections and Re-Elections of President and Vice Presidents


Zisoula Ntasiou, GreeceAfter the coffee break followed the Re-Election of the President, Milan Dubravac, Slovenia, who is seeking DA's approval for a second for year term as President. 

In the same voting block was held the Re-Election of Taina Hanhihoski (Finland) and Christophe Marchal (France) as Vice Presidents. 

A short presentation was also held by the candidate for the newly empty seat as Vice President, Zisoula Ntasiou, Greece (photo left) who now has the opportunity to serve as vice president after Russia's mandate in the EC end will have ended as of this DA. 

Welcome Zisoula,  as now one of four serving female delegates on the CTIF Executive board - three elected vice female presidents and four if we also count Neža Strmole, our part time staff Secretary. 


Roman Sykora, left, and Dennis Davis right

Secret Ballot Election Procedure for the election of new Treasurer


Because there were two candidates for Treasurer, Tom Van Esbroeck, Belgium. and Ole Hansen, Norway, the voting procedure for this election, it was decided to hold this part of the voting process as a Secret Ballot.  

Both candidates have a wealth of experience, both during their long involvement in CTIF and from other prominent positions outside the organization. 



New Treasurer for CTIF is Tom Van Esbroeck, Belgium! 

The Secret Ballot procedure was facilitated by CTIF Special Advisor Dennis Davis (UK) and assisted by vice president Taina Hanhihoski (Finland)

Those countries attending online was given a digital voting ballot for the Treasurer Election. 

Because CTIF's fiscal book keeping year runs until the end of 2024, Marc Mamer will continue to serve until December 31, and Tom Van Esbroeck will begin his mandate on January 1st, 2025. 


Upcoming Delegates Assemblies and CTIF Competitions

The next Delegates Assembly 2025 will be held in Sophia, Bulgaria! The dates are currently set for June 10 - 12, 2025. 

CTIF.org will return with more details about this event as they become available. 

DA in 2026 will likely be held during the Interschutz Fair in Berlin, in July, or during the CTIF Competitions. 

There are not yet any candidates for DA 2027.

The next CTIF Youth Games will be held in 2028. 

Presentations were also held by our corporate members Cold Cut Systems, Atrakis and AVL GmbH. 


CTIF thanked Ole Hansen, Chair of CTIF Norway, for a great event and for his 8 years of service as vice president of CTIF. 


DA 2024



CTIX Expo 2024CTIF EXPO - new printed news magazine


For the first time in recent years, CTIF's media team has produced a printed News Review magazine, CTIF Expo 2024, with a selection of our articles published on CTIF.org during the last year, Fall 2023 and Spring 2024.  

The magazine was handed out to DA Delegates and also to some delegates during the seminar. More copies of the magazine will be handed out at other physical meetings in the coming year. A digital PDF version will be e-mailed and also made available in our news letters and made available for download on the website in coming days. 

This first magazine was a small pilot project with only 32 pages, and we appologize for not having a chance to contact all members about it in advance. 

CTIF Expo will be printed with a new and larger edition in 2025, in connection with the celebrations of CTIF's 125th Anniversary. The work with this magazine will start already this Fall and all commissions, working groups, Associate business member and Ordinary Members will be contacted to have an opportunity to submit articles and news frmo their activities and products. 

A BIG CREDIT & THANKS  to Mona Hjortzberg & KIRTJ.se, the Swedish Network of Women in Fire & Rescue, for the use of the beautiful cover photo of a female firefighter in full protective gear, and other professional  photos they have provided for CTIF's use in the magazine and over the years. 


CTIF Expo 2024 magazine and open voting ballots during DA 2024.


This article was updated with photos and text in near-realtime as the meeting progressed during the day. 

A photo gallery from Delegates Assembly in Oslo 2024 is provided below.

 If you have photos you would to submit for publishing, do not hesitate to contact the CTIF Communications Officer.