Refinery fire in Tehran on June 2, 2021
13 Jun 2021

200 firefighters responded to a large refinery fire in Tehran


A large fire occurred at a Tehran oil refinery in the southern part of Tehran on Wednesday evening, 2nd of June. Firefighters extinguished the flames after a long and tough technical fire operation.

Text provided courtesy of the CTIF National Committee of Iran. Photos by IRNA (Islamic Republic News Agency)

The blaze broke out at 7:18 pm after a flame in one of the storage tanks, resulting in a huge fire.

Ambulances and firefighters had been dispatched to the area, while thick plumes of black smoke over the refinery could be seen from different parts of Tehran.

More than 200 firefighters from different areas of Tehran and other nearby cities and 60 fire vehicles were involved to distinguish the fire.

All operations were suspended at the Tondguyan refinery as firefighters tried to contain the blaze.

Fortunately the situation in the refinery was under full control and firefighters on the scene have taken control of the fire and prevented the spread of flames from the burning storage tank to other adjacent tanks.

There were no significant casualties except some minor injuries like smoke inhalation and heat stroke among the firefighters.

The cause of fire is under investigation by related authorities. According to refinery fire investigation experts the burning substance was waste oil products.

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Refinery fire in Tehran on June 2, 2021