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Sandton Grand Hotel Reylof (Hoogstraat 36, 9000 Ghent) Belgium - http://www.sandton.eu
03 Nov 2013

Start up meeting for the new group COMMISSION FOR EXTRICATION & NEW TECHNOLOGY

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For the participants the organizers can offer a room and breakfast for a special price: €135,00
On the 3th of December the Center of Expertise is offering lunch in the evening in the famous restaurant ‘Het Pand’ in the historical center of Ghent.
To participate in the meeting please send the notification to:
Tom Van Esbroeck
e-mail: tom.VanEsbroeck@Gent.be
and with copy to:
Michel Bour, michel.Bour@sdis68.fr
Tore Eriksson, tore.eriksson@msb.se
A detailed program will be posted on ctif.org shortly.
Tore Eriksson
President CTIF