Lukas hydrualics

LUKAS Hydraulik

Extrication kit

Manufacturer of rescue equipment, hydraulic tools, re-railing equipment and recycling cutters, based in Erlangen, Germany.

LUKAS – the name for hydraulics.

Since the late 1940s, we have been manufacturing pioneering hydraulic products here in Erlangen. Initially, these were exclusively for industrial applications, but they were soon followed by the first rescue tools.

LUKAS's first hydraulic cutter: In 1972 LUKAS was the first supplier to develop a hydraulic cutter for rescue work, laying the foundation stone for an entire branch of business.

Since 1948 LUKAS has produced hydraulic products for a wide range of applications. Today, you can benefit from these years of experience.

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Our comprehensive expertise is your advantage

Not only rescue teams can benefit from our knowledge and experience. We also offer superior products for industry and railway companies:

Hydraulic tools
Industrial cutters
Rerailing equipment