The Hagerbach Underground Research Laboratory

Hagerback Underground Laboratory

VSH VersuchsStollen Hagerbach

The Hagerbach Test Gallery is a fascinating subterranean world. The multitude of galleries, caverns, testing areas, laboratories and training rooms provide the ideal conditions for research, development, testing and 1:1-scale experiments.

Experts from all over the world use this environment as a training ground and research laboratory. Not only do we work on our own developments, but we also operate on behalf of and in cooperation with companies, associations and research institutes. By being involved with national and pan-European research projects, we can secure a broadly-supported foundation of knowledge for ourselves and our staff.

Thanks to its unique conditions, the Hagerbach Test Gallery fulfils the ideal requirements for research, laboratory testing and training – with practicality and 1:1 scale. We develop and test machines, building materials and processes specifically for underground mining and offer recognised training in dealing with danger in underground spaces by means of training sessions and seminars.

Of course, individual facilities can be leased by private firms or research institutes in order to carry out their own testing work. An interesting visitor program, featuring tours and hosting third-party events – from classical concerts to exclusive fashion shows – means that the research facility is also open to guests.

In 1970, mining engineer Dr Rudolf Amberg founded the Hagerbach Test Gallery as a research and development facility for tunnel construction.

The focus was initially on testing drill and explosives technology: between 1974 and 1976, the blasting facility and blasting chamber were built, the firing gallery and the observation bunker were constructed, and a second access point was created to allow operation with circulating air.

In the 1980s, a shooting range was constructed for the investigation of mechanical properties on artillery. The opening of the building materials test laboratory in 1984 was a significant change of course with respect to the services offered at VSH.