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FLS gelWe develop the green environmentally friendly and effective flame retardant products of the future - treated areas will not reignite.

Flame Security International offers a range of non-toxic, highly effective flame retardants for Australia, Europe and beyond.

The Flame Security story started in 2006 when Flame Security Sweden was invited to try to protect the famous Swedish festival Gävle Christmas Goat-statue. By coating the highly flammable goat with the first version of the company’s flame retardant product, the goat was successfully saved from multiple arsonists' attempts.


Development and Growth

Flame Security has consistently developed and expanded the range of fire retardant products. Today's Flame Security products are effective and non-toxic.

As one of the most bushfire-prone countries in the world, Australia is ideal for Flame Security to prevent and combat fires, as well as reduce damage to the environment and people.

Flame Security Sweden has now joined forces with Flame Security Australia to become Flame Security International Pty Limited (FSI).

FSI is excited to be working with the University of NSW's global centre of excellence in fire research to ensure product quality, effectiveness and safety: The ARC Training Centre in Fire Retardant Materials and Safety Technologies (fire.edu.au). This research and development will further innovate and certify the Flame Security range of products.

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In December 2018, the Australian Government`s Cooperative Research Centres Projects (CRC-P) announced their grant choices for Round 6. Partnering with UNSW, FSI is delighted to be the recipient of the maximum amount of $3 million for the `Innovative Development of an Autonomous Intelligent Fire Protection System (AIFPS)` over the next 3 years.

See more in the UNSW Newsroom: https://newsroom.unsw.edu.au/news/general/unsw-tops-latest-funding-round-indust…

The Autonomous Intelligent Fire Protection Systems (AIFPS) Project envisages the development of a unique range of fire prediction and suppression systems for military, public, commercial and private applications for air, land and marine vehicles for all types of fire classes.

Solutions for public, commercial and residential buildings will also be developed. All AIFPS will use a world first, non-toxic, eco-friendly, flame retardant that is more effective than water and existing toxic foams. This is the second CRC-P grant to FSI in 2018.

In July 2018, FSI was chosen in Round 5 to develop an Advanced Fire Retardant for Polymers and Textiles with UNSW. This project is well underway. See more here: https://tinyurl.com/UNSWnewsroom