Yvonne Näsman

CTIF Vice President
User Biography

Vice President of the CTIF Executive Committee  (2021) / Delegate of the Swedish CTIF National Committee.

Yvonne Näsman works as an Executive officer in Fire & Rescue at the Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency, MSB.se. She is currently also a member of the Extrication and New Technology Commission and a delegate of the Swedish National CTIF Committee. She also serves as a delegate at the International Forum Advanced First Responder Innovation, IFAFRI and she is involved in bilateral agreement with Department of Homeland & Security.

Until 2006 she was a teacher for fire officers and firefighters and 2006 to 2015 , she served as Head of Education and Development at the Swedish Rescue Services Agency. Her entire career Yvonne has been developing methods and technology based on evidence and science for First Responders. She has been working with fire and rescue since 2000 and ongoing.

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