Firefighters Health: Tommy Baekgaard Kjaer

Chair of the CTIF Firefighters Health Commission
User Biography

Tommy Baekgaard Kjaer, Denmark

Chair of the Commission since 2020

Contact the CTIF Health Commission at tk@brandcancer.dk

  • Public Firefighter for 27 years from early 1987 to late 2014 included:Educated and trained as a fire officer and instructor from the Danish State Fire service.
  • Special training in professional rescue diving, high rescue and chemical diving. Also certified in “Reconstruction and Integration of Traumatic Stress”.
  • Worked with psychological health for firefighters since 2004 and with occupational cancers since 2010.
  • Editor of firefighter magazine from 2005 to 2017.
  • Union leader from 2010 to 2020. Member of board since 2006.
  • Board member (Vice president) for European Firefighter Unions Alliance EFFUA from 2008 to 2020.
  • Founder and president of “Danish Firefighter´s Cancer Organization” BFC since 2013.
  • Author of numerous articles about occupational health and safety for firefighters.
  • Speaker to firefighter organizations, Universities and Parliaments around the world about occupational health and safety for firefighters.
  • Member of various expert and working groups working for a fire safe Europe.
  • Lifelong member of honour within  “The Nordic Firefighters” NBS 2015.
  • Winner of “The Danish Community Awards 2015”
  • Chairman of the CTIF Health Commission from 2020.