Mats Rosander
04 Jan 2018

Rosander & Giselsson - The Swedish Model of Interior Firefighting


CTIF WEB TV: Krister Giselsson and Mats Rosander are to many around the world known as the "fathers" of the Swedish Model of Offensive Interior Fire Fighting. They developed the groundbreaking Fogfighter and the techniques of attacking the fire gases with a mist of small droplets of water, rather than attacking the seat of the fire with large volumes of water.

The theories that Giselsson and Rosander proved was the idea that fire is sustained by combustibles gases, produced when solid or Krister Giselssonliquid fuel are exposed to heat, rather than being sustained by the solid fuel by itself. This understanding has revolutionized fire fighting in Sweden and also several other countries world wide.

Many believe these two Swedes have saved countless fire fighters´ lives by spreading the knowledge to understand fire behavior and thereby teaching them to prevent flashovers, backdrafts and fire gas explosions while fighting fires inside burning structures.

The techniques and theories Giselsson and Rosander developed laid the foundation for the development of later "fog fighting" technology like the Cobra Cold Cutter, and was also based on earlier inventions like Fog Sprinklers.


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Cinematography by Leif Seger / Björn Ulfsson

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By Bjorn Ulfsson, CTIF Communications Group