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03 Nov 2020

Rescue Sheet - How to create it? Guidelines following requirements from ISO 17840 Part 1 and Euro NCAP


rescue sheet


Purpose of this document

•To specify, illustrate the expectations of content and layout for a Rescue Sheet fulfilling ISO 17840 (Part 1:2015 and then updated in 2020 + Part 3 and Part 4). Like this, the rescue sheet will be compliant with Euro NCAP 2020 requirements.

•Some examples are presented. They can come from official rescue sheets or they can be made “by hand” just to illustrate the expectations.

•These examples will be presented with a specific layout:

•Purpose is to use less text as possible in the Rescue Sheet. The rescue sheet (ISO 17840 part 1) is “quick information” for the first responders on the accident scene. If something is not clear, the ISO 17840 part 3 Emergency Response Guide (ERG) gives “in-depth information” (by adding text in addition to the pictures or pictograms coming from the Rescue Sheet).

•The ERG contains crucial and in-depth information linked to the Rescue Sheet to inform, train and develop rescue procedures by first responders. The headings/contents of the Rescue Sheet and the ERG information are alignedwith each other, i.e. the ERG information works as an extension of the related Rescue Sheet.

•The ERG and the Rescue Sheet follow a flowchart of the main actions to take for first and second responders arriving at the accident scene or performing towing and other activities afterwards.