28 Feb 2024

Report from the CTIF Health Commission meeting February 28th, 2024


The meeting began with the introduction of a new AI note-taking tool by Geertsen, Anders Christian. The group then discussed cancer prevention, with members sharing their experiences and initiatives in their respective countries. 

The conversation highlighted the challenges faced by volunteer firefighters in Portugal, particularly in addressing occupational hazards and changing mindsets related to prevention measures.

The discussion revolved around the implementation of decontamination and hygiene measures for firefighters, with a focus on preventing exposure to carcinogens and promoting personal hygiene. The conversation also touched on the growing awareness and training on decontamination in Norway and the United States.

The group discussed the implementation of a liquid CO2 decontamination procedure for PPE in fire services, with a particular focus on the company Decontex from Belgium, which holds the patent for the technology. Tommy updated the group on a new cleanliness study from Finland, highlighting the use of ozone and LCO2 systems for washing fire suits and cautioning against a specific washing method that can lead to toxic contamination. The conversation also touched on the presence of PFAS in firefighting gear and ongoing debates and lawsuits related to PFAS contamination, particularly in European countries.

The group discussed strategies for lowering PFAS levels, highlighting the effectiveness of giving blood and using broccoli seed extract. The conversation also revolved around the vision testing procedures for firefighters, with Dorothee Knauf-Hübel, Luxembourg, seeking information on the specific tests being conducted, particularly in relation to stereopsis. 

The discussion also touched upon the impact of eye surgeries on firefighting roles, with the understanding that rescue divers cannot undergo eye surgery and still perform their duties. Additionally, the need for regular health tests for firefighters was emphasized, with a suggestion for annual health checks for all firefighters.

The group engaged in a discussion about the upcoming Delegates Assembly in Oslo on June 19th and 20th. They shared information about travel arrangements, including the ferry from Copenhagen to Oslo, and expressed excitement about the event. Additionally, they considered the idea of having a pre-meeting before the summit and discussed using a doodle to schedule it, ensuring that all members can participate in the planning process. 

The meeting concluded with plans to contact Rui and a positive exchange of goodbyes.


Otto Drozd III, EFO, CFO, MIFireE

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