The December 2020 Newsletter from CTIF
24 Dec 2020

Merry Holidays and Happy New Year from CTIF!


Dear Delegates, Year 2020 changed the world. Hopefully, slowly we will all start to go back to normal in 2021. Despite all restrictions, CTIF upheld its activities in 2020 quite intensively thanks to internet communication tools.

The challenge for CTIF in the future will be to strengthen this way of communication, and to use the lessons learned from this year to continue to improve and upgrade our working methods. The EC has also decided to upgrade our web page CTIF.org during the coming year and to make the results of our work more accessible to our members. We will continue to cooperate internationally with organizations which can contribute to increase knowledge needed for better and safer work for firefighters worldwide.

Delegates Assembly 2021: DA 2021 was planned in June 2021 with Germany as host during the Interschutz fair. However, when the 2020 Interschutz decided to postponed to 2022, DA can no longer be held as planned. The CTIF Executive Committee is at the moment searching for a solution. As soon as a decision is made, all CTIF members will be informed. We hope we will come to a decision in early 2021.

Read more from CTIF President Milan Dubravac in our December 2020 Newsletter! (Download below)


CTIF Christmas Card 2020