EMS staff in a hazmat suit. Screen shot from a Belgian instructional video.
31 Mar 2020

How to disinfect an ambulance: Instructional video from Belgium


Ambulance ‘disinfection area’:


0:08 Message for paramedics:

place all used and contaminated material visible on the stretcher or table in advance. Like this we know what we have to clean.


0:15 Message for paramedics:

the sanitary cell must be free of porous material beforehand. Otherwise we consider that as waste.


0:23 Message for paramedics:

Stay in your cabine.

Or have someone in protective clothing that is staying in the sanitary cell to do the deco together.


0:33 Message for paramedics:

you can undress afterwards in the persons deco zone. In that case you must provide your own PPE for the next intervention.


0:42 Message for paramedics:

a toilet container is provided for you. Do not enter with contaminated clothing. First go through the persons deco. Keep it clean too!


0:52: drive via Roggestraat


1:03 contact us via mobile number DECO when entering


1:06: join the queue, do not block the fire brigade's way out!


1:11 in that case, wait on the courtyard


1:19: communicate the information about your service and the materials used via mobile number DECO


1:22 STEP 1: we empty the sanitary cell. All the dirty and porous material is thrown away.


1:36: STEP 2: cleaning with detergent and rag. If necessary with brush and floor-wipe.


1:48 STEP 3: disinfect your own gloves!


1:52 STEP 4: Spraying Virkon S with the dispenser


1:56 We spray the contents of the ambulance, contact surfaces, walls, floor and ceiling.


2:02: If the medical bag has also been open, it must be cleaned and disinfected inside! Be sure to communicate on arrival.


2:11: STEP 5: 10 minutes waiting time for reaction Virkon S


2:14: STEP 6: Rub the Virkon S with paper towels until it is dry.


2:24: the remains of the paper are waste. We put everything back in the ambulance. Registration.


2:36 Way out via Nieuwe Vaart.


2:41: Turn back and drive carefully past the waiting zone.


2:45: activate the lights to enter the public road safely.