The Pullman Brussels Center
27 Aug 2018

Hotel & Venue Information for the CTIF November 9-10 Seminar in Brussels

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Fire, Rescue & New Challenges: CTIF seminar in Brussels in November

Map over Brussels


The venue and the hotel for the CTIF Seminar "Fire, Rescue & New Challenges" will be in Brussels at the Pullman Brussels Centre, in the hotel's conference center. The hotel accommodation is in the same building.


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Hotel costs:

The price of the (single) room varies depending on which night/s you want to stay:

Hotel – Room with breakfast in Pullman Brussels Centre Midi:

Hotel on Wednesday 7th of November 2018 (175€)

Hotel on Thursday 8th of November 2018 (160€)

Hotel on Friday 9th of November 2018 (120€)

Hotel on Saturday 10th of November 2018 (120€)


Adress of the Pullman Center:

Midi Place Victor Horta, 1

1060 Bruxelles, Belgium

For more information, check the Seminar News Page regularly!


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Map of Brussels