Photo by the team from Metro Fire of Sacramento who responded to the EV fire on January 28th, 2023.
03 Feb 2023

Electric vehicle spontaneously caught fire while driving on the highway


The battery compartment of an electric vehicle spontaneously caught fire while it was traveling on the freeway, according to the Metro Fire Department of Sacramento. 

According to a tweet the fire crew arrived to a Tesla Model S engulfed in flames,but  nothing unusual prior. Two fire engines, a water tender, and a ladder truck were requested to assist. Crews used jacks to access the underside to extinguish and cool the battery.


Screenshot of the Sacramento Metro Fire tweet


In a second tweet from the incident scene, the Sacramento fire crew had determined that vehicle battery compartment spontaneously caught fire while it was traveling freeway speeds on EB Hwy 50. The fire was extinguished with approximately 6,000 gallons ( 23, 000 liters) of water, as the battery cells continued to combust.

"Thankfully no injuries were reported", the tweet added. 


Damaged EV kept reigniting three weeks after crash

According to an article on FireEngineering.com, it’s not the first time Metro Fire crews have worked hard to put out a Tesla battery fire. In June 2022, a white Tesla burst into flames and kept reigniting at a California wrecking yard. The car had been involved in a crash three weeks prior and had “major damage,” fire officials said.

The Sacramento Metro Fire Department also tweeted a copy of Tesla´s extinguishing safety card, in a response as to why they had chosen to use water on the battery fire. 


Tesla safety instructions in case of vehicle fire
Tesla safety instructions for extinguishing a vehicle fire