CTIF celebrates International Womens´ Day 2023
07 Mar 2023

CTIF Women Commission chairs speak at International Women´s Day conference and at FDIC in April


Logo for CTIF´s international Women´s Day celebrationThe Chair of CTIF´s Commission for Women in Fire & Rescue Services, Mira Leinonen, will be a keynote speaker at the international firefighters´ conference FDIC. She and her co-chair Susanne Klatt will also speak at a the European Commission´s Fire Information Exchange Platform for International Women´s Day.  

Wednesday March 8 is International Women´s Day, and CTIF´s  long standing members Mira Leinonen (Finland) and Susanne Klatt (Germany) are  selected as a speakers at a conference held by FIEP (European Commission´s Fire Information Exchange Platform).

Their lecture topic will be covering the work of the CTIF Commission for Women in Fire & Rescue, and the impact the commission has had, and continues to have, in the world.

The CTIF Commission for Women in Fire & Rescue Services is one of the most active in CTIF and also one of the largest in terms of membership. 


Program for the FIEP conference on March 8


Commission Chair Mira Leinonen to speak in the United States in April


Mir Leinonen speaking at FDIC 2023For the international fire seminar in the US, FDIC, Mira will be speaking on Monday April 24th, between 8:00 am and 9:am local time. It will be a special section of the FDIC fair called the Women in Fire Sessions.  

 "I will be giving an overview of what is happening with gender equality, diversity and inclusion in fire and rescue services worldwide", says Mira Leinonen to CTIF News. 

Mira will be speaking at FDIC Fire Sessions. 

From the FDIC website: 

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Screenshot from the Powerpoint presentation about the work of the  CTIF Women in Fire & Rescue Commission

Mira Leinonen graduated from Lappeenranta Technical University in 2006 with a master of science and from the Rescue College in 2010. She is a senior officer for a state administrative state agency in Southern Finland and is in charge of supervising eight fire departments. Leinonen is also a chairperson for a network for women in fire and rescue services in Finland. Since 2015, she has been a chairperson for the international association CTIF’s Women in Fire and Rescue Services commission. CTIF has 42 member countries worldwide.  


Screen shot from the women in fire conference