Milan Dubravac (Slovenia) was elected president of CTIF on October 21, 2020
21 Oct 2020

CTIF´s first ever Virtual Delegates Assembly elected a new President and three new Vice Presidents


CTIF’s first ever Virtual Delegates Assembly has successfully ended! Some minor technical difficulties , but generally a good flow and we ended timely in just over two hours! A great big welcome to the new President, Milan Dubravac from Slovenia!


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By CTIF Communications Coordinator Björn Ulfsson

The Head Office in Ljubljana chaired the meeting, while the Old President led his part from Sweden. The ´control room´ was operated from Vancouver, BC, and much of the preparations and administrative work was spearheaded by CTIF Secretary Neza Strmole, General Secretary Roman Sykora, special adviser Dennis Davis and the rest of the Executive Committee.

29 countries were present for the meeting, which is normally held physically, but now during the pandemic, for the first time ever, held in Virtual Space.


Only one candidate remained for President

This year´s Delegates Assembly was unusual since there was only one available candidate for President. Earlier this year, Hartmut Ziebs, the former President of the German DFV, was planning to also participate as a candidate, but since his resignation from the Executive Committee and the DFV, it left only one candidate, Milan Dubravac from Slovenia.

Presidents and vice presidents of CTIF are normally elected for a four-year term, but are most often re-elected for another year, for a total of maximum 8 years. 


Three new Vice Presidents

With Milan Dubravac stepping up to vice president, it opened up one position as vice president. The resignation of Hartmut Ziebs opened up a second position. The Executive Committee had already earlier this spring decided to add one vice president. As it turned out, there were only three candidates for the three positions, and all three were elected after giving their usual candidate speeches. 

Congratulations to :

Taina Hanhikoski, Finland

Anatoly Suprunovski, Russia

Christophe Marchal, France

We will present our new vice presidents with bios and their virtual election speeches soon! 


A special thanks to Mr Tore Eriksson, Sweden, for 8 great years! (And many years before that as vice president and member / chair of various CTIF Commissions! Welcome as an Honorary Member of CTIF!

The International Association of Fire Services (CTIF) has been Working for Safe & Skilled Firefighters since the year 1900, which means this year, CTIF was also celebrating it´s 120th Anniversary.

Three new CTIF Vice Presidents as of October 21 2020




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