Silent minute at DA 2022
19 Jul 2022

CTIF´s Delegates Assembly in Celje had 26 countries present physically and virtually in Celje


A full report from DA 2022 will be published here on CTIF.org soon!

While preparations and celebrations for the CTIF Firefighters Olympics 2022 are underway in Celje, the CTIF Executive Committee has been working hard today to get everything ready for Delegates Assembly on Wednesday. 

After a chaotic beginning with several members and delegates experiencing missed flights, delayed bags with both equipment and necessary formal clothing, things are finally starting to shape up for DA 2022.

As most of you already know, Europe is currently in a state of chaos for travelling, and CTIF is grateful to those delegates who have been able to make it to Slovenia, despite all the problems at airports around the world. We also of course sincerely regret the issues occuring which we know many of you have experienced and perhaps have not been able to solve in time. 


The CTIF Executive Committee preparing for Delegates Assembly 2022.


However; despite some difficulties for many member countries to travel,  we are now proud to announce what have reach "Quorum" according to our CTIF Statutes for Delegates Assembly this year.  This is important in order to make the voting procedure valid - as well as of course, the more members present, the merrier!

DA 2022 had 21 countries present physically with 68 delegates coming to Celskji Dom in Celje on Wednesday morning, July 20th,  at 8:30 am CET.  We also had delegates from 5 countries connecting to our live feed virtually at DA, which makes it a total of 26 countries from our Ordinary (National) membership officailly present at DA.    

Just like last year in Marseille, we have provided the possibility to connect virtually to Delegates Assembly through zoom for those who are unable to travel.

Below is a photo of videographer Terri Casella from Canada preparing the streaming equipment and cameras which brought  DA 2022 to delegate's computers or TV screens on Wednesday, July 2019.


Terri Casella preparing the equipment for Virtual DA.


Photos by Terri Casella