CTIF Norway´s leader Ole Hansen in the CTIF stand at DSB´s Brannvesen conference 2023.
21 Mar 2023

CTIF Norway especially appreciated for their yearly webinars and seminars


Ole Hansen at the yearly Norwegian Fire Service Conference 2023.
Ole Hansen at the yearly Norwegian Fire Service Conference 2023.

The  CTIF Committee of Norway was invited as an exhibitor at the national  Fire Service Conference, and there was great interest in CTIF Norway and many new member prospects. 

The Fire Service Conference 2023 in Norway is a yearly event arranged by DSB.no, which is the national Norwegian fire authority. DSB annually organizes the Fire Service Conference to create an arena for good dialogue and relevant information sharing with key target groups for DSB's work.

"There was great interest in CTIF Norway´s activities, and we were especially commended by several people for our series of yearly webinars and seminars, where our members share lessons learned and experiences from various aspects of fire and rescue throughout Norway", says Ole Hansen, who is the Chair of CTIF Norway´s national committee.

"We were approached by several potential new members as well, and we count on growing our membership after this".

CTIF Norway is unique in CTIF in the sense that the National Norwegian CTIF Committee is completely independent from the government or any government agency. The Norwegian fire authority, DSB, is an active member of CTIF Norway, however the important part is that  the majority of the funding of the Norwegian activities comes from paying members. 

CTIF Norway has members throughout Norway who pay approximately €100 (1200 NOK) per year for their membership. The members are primarily municipal fire services, including several volunteer brigades, and also organisations, as well as airports. 

The funding from paying members makes the national CTIF´s activities more or less independent from government financial contributions and this creates a strong identity for the national CTIF committee.

Among CTIF Norway´s s products, seminars have  been the most important activity and a back bone of the member exchange.

During the seminars, firefighters share very openly what went went well and what they have learned from mistakes, during operations from a wide range of topics. During recent years, lessons learned forest fires has been a strong focus. 

Since 2019, the seminars have been held online, and the pandemic is only one of the reasons for this:

 "We may return to physical seminars again in the near future, but since we started online webinars we have discovered members who normally would not be able to attend would attend the online event. There is an economic aspect to this which is important for our members. The webinar format allows for more equality since not everyone can afford to travel. Most likely, in the future, we will have at least one online webinar per year and perhaps one physical", says Ole Hansen.  


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