CTIF Holiday Card 2021
05 Jan 2022

CTIF Newsletter: A summary of the past year - Stay Safe in 2022!


CTIF wishes all Ordinary, Associated and Honorary Members a great year ahead with lots of exchange of knowledge, lessons learned, networking and comradery. 

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This post also serves as our complimentary Newsletter for December for those members who may have missed it in their e-mail this month.


Dear colleagues, 

During 2020-21, CTIF´s activities were strongly influenced by a worldwide pandemic, Corona Covid 19. Because of the pandemic, most of CTIF activities in the past two years were conducted online or proxy through other means.

In December last year, we signed a new Memorandum of understanding with IEDO (International Emergency Drone Organisation) to increase the exchange of experience within countries also in that area of new technology.
Connected to the MOUs are often also written commitments of what we have agreed to do and what shall be accomplished. The Corona Pandemic has made some of these agreements difficult to fulfill, at least for the moment. We have recently renewed our MOU with UITP, and shortly, in the new year, we intend to renew more of our mutual agreements with CTIF´s partner organizations.


Read CTIF President Milan Dubravac' summary of 2020 and 2021 


Screenshot of the President and General Secretary signatures

Hybrid DA held in Marseille, October 2021


CTIF adapted to the changes brought by COVID-19 and held a hybrid DA in conjunction with the French Firefighters' Congress in Marseille. 

Some key takeaways from the DA:

  • Yvonne Näsman from Sweden was elected as a new Vice President
  • Canada is a new Ordinary Member
  • Tom van Exbroeck was awarded a CTIF Award for his outstanding work as chair of the Extrication & New Technology Commission for the past 8 years
  • CTIF has been able to execute many of its activities online and 2021 has been a busy year


Read our report from DA 2021


Photo montage from DA 2021 in Marseille.


What to expect from CTIF in the New Year?


Milan DubravacJuly 17 - 24 2022, Slovenia will host the CTIF Firefighters Olympics in the city of Celje. In the spring of 2022, CTIF will also once again arrange a webinar in the seminar series "Fire, Rescue & New Challenges”. 
The firefighting olympics 2022 is an event which is extra important to CTIF because it combines the youth games with the adult games. Celje will also host next year´s Delegates Assembly.  We will announce the exact date for DA 2022 in the new few weeks.
The INTERSCHUTZ international fair has also been postponed to the summer of 2022, and CTIF will be present as an exhibitor in Hanover during the week of June 20 - 25. Please stay tuned to CTIF.org for more information about both these two great events.
In the spring of 2022, CTIF will also once again arrange a webinar in the seminar series “Fire, Rescue & New Challenges", focusing on the effects of extreme weather and climate change for fire services. The date and more information will follow shortly.
Due to recent developments of the Omicron Variant of Covid-19, CTIF remains on high alert for future lockdowns and possible travel restrictions. While we sincerely hope all of our CTIF activities will return to pre-pandemic levels of physical attendance in 2022, we remain prepared to assist Commissions, Working Groups, and all members of CTIF with means to connect virtually to all of our functions. 
We also plan to continue strengthening our relations by arranging more virtual meetings with our Associate Members and arranging another networking meeting with the Chairs of our Commissions and Working Groups, similar to what we did in May 2021. 

Milan Dubravac, President of CTIF


Photo from the CTIF Youth Games in 2019 in Switzerland.
Photo from the CTIF Youth Games in 2019 in Switzerland.