Screenshot from the body cam footage showing the house exploding.
20 Mar 2023

Body camera video shows firefighters narrowly surviving a gas explosion inside a home


Recently released body camera footage captured the moment when firefighters from Pompton Lakes, New Jersey were inside a house that suddenly exploded. Almost miraculously all of the firefighters were able to make it out of the building unharmed.

The video shows the six firefighters searching the house for the source of a gas leak while wearing their protective gear. Suddenly, there is a loud explosion, and the camera goes dark as debris flies around.

According to reports, the explosion was caused by a gas leak in the house. The firefighters had been dispatched to investigate the leak and had shut off the gas supply to the house before entering to conduct their search.

The blast completely destroyed the house, and neighboring homes were also damaged. Despite the destruction, no one was seriously injured in the incident

As reported by Firehouse.com on February 27, 2023, "Two of them were blown out because they were right by the door. They got blown out the door into the driveway," Pompton Lakes fire official John Keating told reporters.

Two firefighters, and a lieutenant, were in the basement and the lieutenant helped the two out.

Three other firefighters including an assistant chief, were on the first floor. Two were pulling a hose line into the home when the explosion happened..

"It was the assistant chief and the two other guys who got blown out. Thankfully, they were in the right spot of the house," Keating said, adding that their gear saved them. 

The footage serves as a reminder of the dangers that firefighters face on a daily basis and the importance of proper training and protective gear. It also highlights the crucial role that firefighters play in keeping our communities safe.

All those involved are volunteers:

"They have their full-time jobs. They have their families, and they give up their time to come to something like this. It's really truly amazing," a neighbour said to reporters,