02 Feb 2018

Welcome to the New CTIF.org!

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Dear User of CTIF.org: This new and remodelled web page for CTIF.org is not so different on the outside, but very different on the "inside". It has many new features and capabilities, and this is especially good news for the Commissions.

A Commission Chair, a head of a Working Group, and other members with some basic web editing skills can now have control over their own pages, and publish News, Events and share files with the Public and with each other.

All Commission and Group members should get access to an account to log into CTIF.org, and each Group or Commission should appoint one or more persons (if possible) to be responsible for publishing on the Group´s or Commission´s pages.

Those members who are appointed, or want to be appointed, as responsible for web publishing, can ask to get a user account with Editing Privileges. Talk to your Commission Chair or e-mail the Communications Coordinator to ask more about editing permissions.

If you would like to edit, but do not know how, Web Publishing Training can be provided via Skype, Facetime or phone. In the near future, we may also provide some Tutorial Videos to help train users make the most out our new Web Page.

However, it is important all Commission or Group Members aquire a basic account to log into CTIF.org (even if you are not planning to any editing) so that you can see Private Notifications and communications within your group that is not meant for the public.  

In order to create a user account for you, you will need to provide your name and e-mail adress to send your login-credentials to.

You will likely see a much faster flow of News, Videos and Events being published on CTIF.org from now on CTIF.org, so please check in often!