Cover page for SISE
Linz, Austria
03 Nov 2023

The International Safety Education Seminar in Linz, Austria 2023


As the organizers of the 7th International Safety Education Seminar, the  Austrian Fire Service Association and FEU are delighted to invite you to Linz on the 23rd and 24th of November 2023 for this prestigious event.

The seminar is intended for all people dealing with (fire) safety issues and who are committed to improving fire safety awareness in their communities and is organized as part of the activities of European Fire Safety Week 2023.

During this seminar, delegates from many different countries will gather to exchange experiences and share best practice about improving fire safety awareness. Themes concerning fire safety strategic planning, fire risk modelling and current fire research will be discussed.

Issues on connecting with our communities, including vulnerable groups and collaboration in fire safety education, highlighting the latest developments in innovation and technology will be presented and explored.

During the seminar, many networking opportunities will be afforded to you. You will have the option of visiting our exhibition space to examine the latest innovations in the field of fire safety and of meeting delegates and exhibitors at the planned social event.


https://www.bundesfeuerwehrverband.at/ises2023/ and program enclosed:


DAY 1:

08:45 am

Welcome Address: 

Krzysztof Biskup (EuroFSA), Stephan Wevers (FEU)

08:55 am

Keynote “Fire Service in Austria”

Robert Mayer (AUT)

09:05 am

current fire safety and prevention work in Ukraine

Olesya Babii, Iryna Tarasiuk (UKR)



Theme 1: Fire Safety Strategic Planning

09:35 am

European Fire Safety Alliance update

Krzysztof Biskup (POL)

09:55 am

Safe and Incident Free Daily Life 2025

Jari Lepistö (FIN)

10:25 am

Open Discussion

10:40 am

Coffee break and visit exhibition


Theme 2: Target Audiences 1/2

11:10 am

Improving fire safe behavior among the elderly

Margo Karemaker (NL)

11:40 am


Veerle De Decker (BE)

12:10 pm

fire and civil protection education in a European capital cityDominik Zeidler (AUT)

12:40 pm

Open Discussion

12:55 pm

Lunch and visit exhibition

01:55 pm

How to influence youth fire safety behaviorDan Sundblom, Saana Rikkilä, Alisa Puustinen (FIN)

02:25 pm

Fostering behavior change through educational messagingAndrea Vastis (USA)

02:35 pm

Fire Safety in the Humanitarian Sector

Helen Underhill (UK)

03:15 pm

Open Discussion

03:30 pm

Coffee Break and visit exhibition

Theme 3: Data Support


04:00 pm

Fire Suppression studies for LI-Ion batteries

Judy Jeevarajan (USA)

04:20 pm

Xplorlabs: The Science of Thermal Runaway

Kelly Keena (USA)

04:40 pm

100 years/100 cities: Evaluation of Urban Fire Risks

Peter Wagner (GER)

05:10 pm

Data to support electrical fire safety advocacy

Olivier Tissot (BE/EU)


DAY 2: 


European Fire Safety Award 2023 – Best Community Fire Safety project


08:15 am

Presentation of 3 shortlisted projects (8 mins)

08:40 am

Announcement of Winner & Presentation Fire Safety Award

Krzysztof Biskup (EuroFSA), MEP Angelika Winzig (AUT), Major Klaus Luger (AUT)

Theme 4: Fire safety education in schools


09:00 am

Together Safe Fire Brigade

Wolfgang Reisinger (AUT)

09:30 am

Enhancing safety culture in schools – experiences from ONNI programme

Brita Somerkoski, Matti Waitinen, Eila Lindfors (FIN)

10:15 am

Open Discussion

10:30 am

Coffee Break and visit exhibition

Theme 5: Risks and Research


11:00 am

Impact of smoke control on evacuation safety

Pieter Poppe (BE)

11:30 am

Smoke propagation in residential buildingsLieuwe de Witte (NL)

12:00 pm

EduFIRE - Wildfire education using project-based learning

Conceição Colaço (PRT)

12:30 pm

Open discussion

12:45 pm

Lunch and visit exhibition

Theme 6: Innovation, Technology and Education 1/2


01:45 pm

Advanced Platform for f.s. educationLoreta Kelbauskaite Serpyte (LT)

02:05 pm

IT products for fire and safetyAnna Gotsiridze (MOL)

02:25 pm

AI & accessible infos: easy communicate complex solutionsPaul Anton Mayer (AUT)

02:45 pm

Coffee break and visit exhibition

Theme 6: Innovation, Technology and Education 2/2


03:10 pm

Intelligent fire detection sensor solutionMairo Leier (EST)

03:30 pm

Wrap up and closing remarks, handover of ISES trophy to next hosts