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Brussels, Belgium
16 May 2018

Fire, Rescue & New Challenges: CTIF seminar in Brussels in November


The 9th and 10th of  November, 2018, CTIF Belgium will organize a seminar on the theme Fire, Rescue & New Challenges.

During this seminar, various speakers from Belgium and abroad will make presentations on New Technologies, such as the use of drones during interventions, Best Practices for Alternative Energy Vehicles, the new ISO Standard soon to be published as well as the latest developments in the field of Firefighters´ Health.


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The representation of Belgium in CTIF is through the Federal Center of Expertise for Civil Security (KCCE-Ministry of Home Affairs). Different Belgian experts take part in meetings of CTIF Commissions and/or working groups: Extrication and New Technology, Hazardous Materials, Education and Training, Fire Investigations, Forest Fires). 

CTIF has as a main objective to support and stimulate cooperation between fire services and other rescue services from all over the world. The organization has been founded in the year 1900 and currently has 39 member countries, including Belgium, as well as many other European countries and the United States of America.


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In order to achieve our objectives, CTIF does scientific research, publishes articles & reports, as well as the organization of different committees and working groups, and collaboration with other organizations (outside of the fire services) who also work in prevention and safety.

Apart from these supporting initiatives (for example CTIF Competition Games), CTIF Belgium also handles the dispersion of information, knowledge and Best Practices for the Belgian firefighters and the Federations. New Technologies and knowledge of how to use them will be added to the training of the firefighters.

The November 9-10 seminar fits in perfectly with the objectives of CTIF and KCCE. Our main focus is on the officers of the Belgian fire brigades, however we also invite participants from other member states of CTIF. The seminar will be conducted in English, and translation will be provided into Dutch and French.

Video above is of major Tom Van Esbroeck talking about the seminar during Delegates Assembly in Las Vegas, June 2018.




See a video about the seminar here!