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Promotional photo for Rescue Days 2022
Paderborn, Germany
16 Sep 2022

Extrication and New Technology Commission meets in person at Rescue Days in October

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Dear commission members

I hereby announce, that we will have a face to to face meeting on the 6th to 8th of October 2022, in Paderborn, Germany.

The meeting takes place during RescueDAYS,and within the exhibition area. https://www.weber-rescue.com/en/rescue-days/

Mr. Rudiger Knoll has arranged this opportunity for us to gather there, however, he is not responsible for the meeting. As we discussed in our previous meeting, due the situation in Europe and  because of covid-19, we have to prepare, for the possibibility that we need to cancel on short notice if necessary. That’s why it is reasonable, that we have meeting in place, where is all necessary facilities and program, and we are “inside” of that event. In same time, we have possibility to raise awareness of the CTIF Commission for Extrication and New Technology. We can also share information of our projects  (ISO17840, drones, EuroNCAP, robotics, solar panels etc. ) and do general networking.

If you’re participating, I recommend to find a hotel and arrange your accommodation asap. and you need to do it yourself. Because of rescuedays, you need to be aware, that you will find room from next village and that means, that you need to rent-a car (if you don’t come with your own car). Mr. Rudiger Knoll is for event, not for us, so it means, that we don’t have any logistic or accommodation arrangements. Another reason, is that if you need to cancel your trip, it doesn’t effect the meeting.

I recommend to contact your local weberrescue dealer, it MAY help your bookings

Commission members will get VIP-pass and tickets for meals. You can follow situations and extrications in “stations” and you can eat at RescueDAYS area.

The actual meeting starts Thursday afternoon and continues on Friday. Some of us will have to give a  presentation in the symposium. Normally there has been over 800 participants all around the world + staff- almost 1000 participants.. + visitors

You will get more information from here https://www.weber-rescue.com/en/rescue-days/

and here https://www.facebook.com/weberrescue

I hope that we will see you all in Paderborn





Mikko Saastamoinen

Vuoromestari/ Shift Officer

Etelä-karjalan pelastuslaitos/ Rescue department of south karelia

Imatran paloasema/ Imatra firestation




Chairman , CTIF commission for extrication & new technology