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Representative organization
The Finnish National Rescue Organisation
Jari Sainio

The Finnish National CTIF Committee was established in 1969. The Committee has members from different sectors in fire and rescue:

  • The Ministry of Interior/Rescue Department
  • Emergency Services Academy Finland
  • The Finnish Association of Fire Officers (SPPL)
  • The Finnish National Rescue Association (SPEK)
  • Partnership Association of Regional Rescue Department
  • Association of fire-fighting enterprises in Finland (SPLY)




The President of the Committee is Mr Kimmo Kohvakka, Director-General of Department for Rescue Services in the Ministry of the Interior.

The Vice President is Mr Jari Sainio, Chair of Board, The Finnish National Rescue Association (SPEK).

The Finnish National Rescue Association (SPEK) is a coordinating body as mandated by the National Committee.

The Finnish National CTIF Committee is supported by The Fire Protection Fund (PSR).


Contact Info: (Coordinators)

Annika Rinne: annika.rinne@spek.fi

Marko Hasari: marko.hasari@spek.fi



Main national activities:

  • Annual thematic seminar on current CTIF activities and topics
  • Seminar on Fire and Rescue at Airports (every two years)
  • Yearly national CTIF-competitions (excluding years when international fire brigade competitions are organized)
  • Joint meeting with the Finnish CTIF representatives to share knowledge and develop activities together with the experts
  • Yearly CTIF Nordic meeting
  • Commission meetings

In addition, the Finnish Committee promotes CTIF in various events and activities (e.g. Tulimeri cruise, youth firefighter camps etc).

The Finnish Committee publishes and shares articles, news and Commissions’ reports on its webpage. It also provides inputs for other organisations’ communication channels (e.g. those members in the National Committee, FRS publications in Finland etc).

The main goals for the Committee are to share and distribute information that is generated in CTIF to and from national FRS and coordinate the participation of Finnish representatives in CTIF activities.


Parts of the below data will soon be updated:

Country area: 340,000 km2
Number of inhabitants: 5,3 million.
Capital city: Helsinki
Number of inhabitants in Helsinki: 561,000
Emergency number: 112
Number of fire fighters in Finland:
5,000 career fire fighters 
14,300 volunteer fire fighters
Number of fire stations in Finland:
65 career fire stations
635 volunteer fire stations

(source: Pompiers d’Europe, 2008)


Follow CTIF Finland: 

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/CTIFSuomi

Instagram: @ctif_fi

Twitter: @ctif_fin

Website: http://www.ctif.fi/


CTIF Nordic Countries 2018
CTIF Nordic Countries is a yearly meeting between all the CTIF National Committees in Finland, Denmark, Norway and Sweden. This photo is from such a meeting hosted by Finland in 2018.


Extrication training in Finland
CTIF Finland is very engaged in training and research around Extrication and the new CTIF - ISO 17840 standard. 
CTIF Finland firefighters games
CTIF Finland arranges their own firefighter´s games, where firefighters compete in sports activities similar as to larger CTIF Competitions.