Vetter GmbH Fire & Rescue Equipment

VetterGerman Company developing products for the fire service, other rescue services and environmental protection -lifting bags, decontamination tents, etc.

Since 1964 Vetter has produced pneumatic rescue equipment  and tents for fire services and medical services throughout the world. In doing so we always adhere to our general principle "Emergency Pneumatics" as well as our values:

At Vetter it is you, your team and your operational scenarios which "call the tune". Our products and our service are fully oriented to your requirements.

At Vetter you obtain the best consulation and receive well conceived products because we have worked hand-in-hand with rescuers right from the very beginning - and also due to the fact that we know pneumatics like no other manufacturer of rescue products.

Owing to our experience in the field of rescue and therefore the high quality connected with it we are fully justified in being the No. 1 in emergency pneumatics and intend that it remains this way.

Vetter’s rescue products provide maximum functionality for all deployment scenarios, even under the most extreme conditions. In our product range, you will find powerful rescue tools and clever pneumatic tents that impress professionals. Developed to meet the needs of fire brigades and civil defence organisations, or of special missions for various other relief organisations worldwide. Decades of consultation with active-duty emergency personnel have given Vetter the rescue experience needed to develop the next generation of rescue technology, making us the world leader and your strongest partner for emergency pneumatics. Vetter

Young teams of fire brigades have been competing every two years since 1989 to win the coveted CTIF Vetter Cup challenge cup in international competitions. This work of art from the sculptress Mechthild Baumann is made of sterling silver and was donated by Manfred Vetter GmbH & Comp. to promote understanding among young people across borders.