CTIF Extra News December 2016

CTIF Extrication & New Technology has been working intensely during the last years with the special problems connected to many of the new vehicle types. Many of these problems are related to the fuels and other Hazardous materials. Therefore the work is being done together with the CTIF Hazmat Commission. Last year CTIF awarded two French colleagues for their research and development of a Best Practice Procedure for this type of events.

POP alert

CTIF has for over 100 years had a long term commitment to improve public and first responder safety in crisis situations and recognises that early alerting and knowing what to do when dangerous situations arise are key components to achieving safer outcomes.

It has therefore been a major partner in a consortium that aims to improve the ability of emergency agencies, first responders and the public to work at achieving this aim in Europe using global lessons and fundamental research

POP-ALERT was a 2 year project financed... Read more