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Invitation commission meeting & symposium

Wednesday, 9. December 2015 (All day) to Thursday, 10. December 2015 (All day)
Rome, Italy

Program and the information for the participants

Day 1:  December, 8
Arrival at airport Rome (Ciampino Apt.) : arrangements for transfer to ISA.
The accommodation at ISA is free of charge for the commission members.
(partners are not allowed to stay in the fire school).

Day 2: December, 9
Symposium organised by the Italian FF and our Commission for Extrication & New Technology.  There is no fee to be paid by the commission members.
Evening networking dinner.

Day 3: December, 10
AM: Commission meeting concerning standing issues.
PM: ISO web-ex meeting and afterwards visit of Rome (or departure)

Day 4: December, 11
Departure from ISA.

Deadline to subscribe: 2015 November, 15

Please fill in the doodle:
and send the ‘Personal information Sheet’ to

Yours sincerely

Tom Van Esbroeck
Commission  for Extrication & New Technology

Emergency response on vehicles


  • 1st part : generalities about vehicles
  • 2nd part : hybrid vehicles (HV) and electric vehicles (EV)
  • 3rd part : LPG vehicles
  • 4rh part : CNG vehicles
  • 5th part : Fuel cell electric vehicles (FCEV)
  • 6th part : opertaionnal answer related to emergencies on vehicles

 Firemen an vehicles website:

Annual meeting 2015

Wednesday, 21. October 2015 (All day) to Friday, 30. October 2015 (All day)
Budapest, Hungary

Dear Colleagues,

Please find here the invitation, the program and the registration form of the 2015 meeting of the CTIF Health and rescue commission. The delegations will stay at Radisson Blu Béke Hotel ( price are EUR 95 (double room for one person) and EUR 105 (double room for two persons).

We urge you to return as soon as possible and before September 30th the registration form for the good organization of the meeting. More practical details will besend to each participant upon reception of the registration form.

Best regards.
Col. F.LEVY Secretary of the CTIF Health & rescue commission

Hazardous materials commission 46th meeting

Thursday, 10. September 2015 (All day) to Saturday, 12. September 2015 (All day)
Warsaw, Poland

To all representatives of the CTIF Hazardous Materials Commission

Dear Representative!

On behalf of the Polish Association, we hereby formally invite you to the 46 th CTIF Hazardous Materials Commission meeting. The meeting will take place from 10 th - 12 th September 2015 in Warsaw, Poland.
We will discuss the standard items of the commission (lessons learned and national reports) and also the products of the working groups.

The following topics from our last meetings will be also taken up by us in Warsaw:

  • Response to LNG incidents
  • Review of Ebola paper and the ammonium nitrate guideline for first responders
  • Collection of rules of thumb regarding Hazmat / CBRN
  • Flammable liquids in stores
  • EU project cooperations
  • Ban on fluorinated foams
  • HERCA - WENRA cooperation
  • Telematics, future development, electronic paper
  • Education and training courses for hazmat and CBRN

The organizers will put together a very interesting study program including several visits with the local authorities in order to take advantage of our time in Warsaw. A definitive proposal of schedule is being worked on and will be forthcoming.
Mr. Zdzisław Salamonowicz, our host and delegate from Poland, will send you as soon as possible the information you need to make your reservations. The program is looking very interesting and we are looking forward to see all of you in Poland.

Best regards and a nice summer!

Roman Sykora

Zdzisław Salamonowicz
Organisation Fall Meeting

Minutes of Nordic meeting – rescue and firefighting at airports

Minutes of Nordic meeting – rescue and firefighting at airports, which was taking place on March 18th–19th 2015 in Reykjavik.

Forest fires commission education on forest-fires simulator in Zagreb, Croatia

Wednesday, 2. September 2015 -
8:30 to 16:00
Zagreb, Croatia

To members of the CTIF forest-fires commission
TO CTIF-members

Dear all,

I hereby formally invite you to participate on the CTIF Forest Fires Commission´s education on a wildland simulator in Zagreb, Croatia.

The education on the simulator will take place on 2nd September  2015 (Wednesday) from 8.30-16.00 h in the professional Fire Brigade of Zagreb, Savska cesta 1, 10 000 Zagreb-Croatia (please register on the attached registration form till 14.8.2015.). The education is organized by the French Fire-Fighting School of Valabre, supported by the EU-project “Holistic” and is free of charge. The education language is English. Accomodation is possible in hotel Westin-Zagreb (125 EUR/night), but also in the professional Fire Brigade of Zagreb (registration for accommodation in the professional Fire Brigade via registration form). The registration for accommodation in the hotel Westin you have to make via web-site:, register-accomodation not later than 14.8.2015.

Because the education on the simulator is immediate before the activities of the CTIF (General Assembly, Symposium), for the members of the CTIF Forest Fires Commission it is possible to take part on these activities, but by paying the participation fee for 3. September 2015. (200 EUR) and /or for the Symposium on 4.9.2015. (90 EUR).  For participating on these additional activities of the CTIF you have to register on the web-site:, register-participation.

Please take care to fill in the registration forms in time (till 14.8.2015).

I am looking forward to seeing you in Croatia!

Best regards

Secretary of the CTIF Forest Fires Commission
Mario Starčević

Zagreb, 6. August 2015.

Results of the 20th International Young Firefighters Competition 2015

Ergebnisliste / Results / Liste de résultats
20. Internationaler Jugendfeuerwehrbewerb 2015 / Opole, Polen
20th International Young Firefighters Competition 2015 / Opole, Poland
20ème Concours International des JSP 2015 en Opole, Pologne

ergebnisliste_originalversion_.pdf757.41 KB