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Minutes of Nordic meeting – rescue and firefighting at airports

Minutes of Nordic meeting – rescue and firefighting at airports, which was taking place on March 18th–19th 2015 in Reykjavik.

Forest fires commission education on forest-fires simulator in Zagreb, Croatia

Wednesday, 2. September 2015 -
8:30 to 16:00
Zagreb, Croatia

To members of the CTIF forest-fires commission
TO CTIF-members

Dear all,

I hereby formally invite you to participate on the CTIF Forest Fires Commission´s education on a wildland simulator in Zagreb, Croatia.

The education on the simulator will take place on 2nd September  2015 (Wednesday) from 8.30-16.00 h in the professional Fire Brigade of Zagreb, Savska cesta 1, 10 000 Zagreb-Croatia (please register on the attached registration form till 14.8.2015.). The education is organized by the French Fire-Fighting School of Valabre, supported by the EU-project “Holistic” and is free of charge. The education language is English. Accomodation is possible in hotel Westin-Zagreb (125 EUR/night), but also in the professional Fire Brigade of Zagreb (registration for accommodation in the professional Fire Brigade via registration form). The registration for accommodation in the hotel Westin you have to make via web-site:, register-accomodation not later than 14.8.2015.

Because the education on the simulator is immediate before the activities of the CTIF (General Assembly, Symposium), for the members of the CTIF Forest Fires Commission it is possible to take part on these activities, but by paying the participation fee for 3. September 2015. (200 EUR) and /or for the Symposium on 4.9.2015. (90 EUR).  For participating on these additional activities of the CTIF you have to register on the web-site:, register-participation.

Please take care to fill in the registration forms in time (till 14.8.2015).

I am looking forward to seeing you in Croatia!

Best regards

Secretary of the CTIF Forest Fires Commission
Mario Starčević

Zagreb, 6. August 2015.

Results of the 20th International Young Firefighters Competition 2015

Ergebnisliste / Results / Liste de résultats
20. Internationaler Jugendfeuerwehrbewerb 2015 / Opole, Polen
20th International Young Firefighters Competition 2015 / Opole, Poland
20ème Concours International des JSP 2015 en Opole, Pologne

ergebnisliste_originalversion_.pdf757.41 KB

Important information on the European Working Time Directive

Note of Meeting with Cabinet of Commissioner Marianne THYSSEN, 29 June 2015 Berlaymont, BRUSSELS.

nom_wtd_29june2015.docx38.56 KB

CTIF Commission Extrication & New Technology

After a successful ISO kick-off meeting in Brussels on the 3th-4th of February 2015, attended by more than 40 participants from vehicle manufacturers and Fire & Rescue Services, the CTIF Commission for Extrication & New Technology left his footprint on the 5th of May in Paris. The chairman Tom Van Esbroeck managed to lead the face-to-face ISO meeting  ‘Working group 7 + Taskforce rescue information’ into the right direction.

What is it all about?

The CTIF Commission wants to force a breakthrough in the standardizing of first responders  information, provided by the industry and car manufacturers.  The same structure in Rescue Sheets and Emergency Response Guides, will improve the work of first responders all over the world, optimizing safety for everyone aboard!

Work is progressing in a constructive way. By signing our support letter, every CTIF member can now give a powerful signal of trust and believe in the Commission’s ISO efforts!

Tom Van Esbroeck


Sehr geehrte Damen und Herren, liebe Kameraden der Arbeitsgemeinschaft,

leider haben sich bei der Einladung zur Anmeldung der 23. Internationalen Tagung der Arbeitsgemeinschaft für Brandschutz und Feuerwehrgeschichte im
CTIF von 7. bis 10. Oktober 2015 in Přibyslav, Tschechische Republik, ein paar Fehler eingeschlichen.

Im Leitfaden steht: Aufsatzlieferung 10 Seiten A4 (12Pt Arial) sind ca. 500 Worte natürlich sollte es ca. 5000 Worte heißen!

Bei den Preisen für das Hotel Přibyslav: eine Übernachtung mit Verpflegung pro Person kostet 50€ für das Hotel Jehla: eine Übernachtung mit Verpflegung pro Person kostet 65€

Bei Rückfragen bitte ich um ein mail an

Ich bitte sie die Abgabe Frist 19. Juli 2015 für die Beiträge einzuhalten!

Sollten sie jemanden kennen der auch Interesse an unserer Arbeitsgemeinschaft hat, machen sie Werbung und geben sie die E-Mail Adresse an!

Wir freuen uns auf interessante Beiträge mit schönen Bildern, und verbleiben, mit kameradschaftlichen Grüßen

Stanislav Bárta und Ingo Valentini

INGO VALENTINI, Dipl. Fachwirt f.A. Informatik, MCP

Ortsfeuerwehr Göfis
Kommandant, Ausbildungsbeauftragter
Vorsitzender der AG Geschichte im CTIF

Badidastrasse 38, A-6811 Göfis
Mobil: +43 (0)664 1875682

Hazardous materials commission 45th meeting

Wednesday, 20. May 2015 (All day) to Sunday, 24. May 2015 (All day)
Kotka, Finland