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Behind the Bay Doors - Official movie trailder screen dump
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The film has a tentative release of Fall 2018. The film is heavily character driven, an...
Behind the Bay Doors - A full length documentary following the lives of six US firefighters

About CTIF

CTIF was founded in 1900 in Paris as  “Comité Technique International de prevention et d'extinction de Feu”, for the purposes of encouraging and promoting co-operation among firefighters and other experts in Fire & Rescue throughout the world.

CTIF develops comprehensive world fire statistics by publishing annual reports which offer data on fire issues from 80 different countries and 90 capital cities.

CTIF organizes international conferences and competitions attended by more than 3.000 fire fighters and youth fire brigades from around the world.

CTIF officially has millions of members in 39 countries from Europe, North America and Asia, making it technically the largest firefighting organization in the world.



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